Internet Security

Internet is becoming so vulnerable every day (ok, at least every year). It’s very difficult to save important information online. A couple of weeks back, experts found a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. It was the talk of the town (or talk of the digg, etc) then.  It was immediately followed by a vulnerability in Firefox inwhich many people have a lot of trust.

I was a regular user of Firefox. I immediately switched onto Opera since then. I still use Firefox occasionally though. I also use Chrome and Safari in Windows. However the recent vulnerability in Safari made me think, if there is any security at all in the internet world where I spend almost 12 to 20 hours a day. It has also become very important to keep up to date with the lastest browser news.

Anyway, I’m still stick with Opera that is considered more secure than any other browser in the industry. Do share your views on this topic. Thanks.

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  1. Fastfreddie1959

    I only use 2 browsers-Firefox & IE.
    More Firefox then IE.
    I only use 4 ;programs for protection.
    And KeyScrambler.
    Have been attacked quite a few times
    but so far not 1 trojan or virus has gotten in.
    I attest this to comodo.
    Ive been using these programs for over 2 yrs.
    My OS is vista 32bit home premium.

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